Browning Safes Vault Door Gun Safe

Large collections of guns and valuables call for a walk-in gun room sealed with a Browning ProSteel Vault Door. To protect your collection, Vault Doors feature high-end security, fire insulation and the flawless finish that Browning ProSteel safes are regarded for, and they are available in a variety of finishes to match the interior of your home.

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The Browning Vault Door is the perfect solution for the person who has “more than a few guns” in their collection. In fact, needing a Browning Vault Door in your home is a dream come true for many of us.

The Vault Door allows you to build a Browning level of security into a special room in your home or office.

Browning Vault Doors don’t try to disguise the fact that a highly secure area is behind them. They are simply highly secure. Period! A properly built vault room allows you the greatest amount of latitude and creativity in the way your guns are displayed. For those of us with collections of unique and rare guns it gives the ability to show or display the guns without moving them in and out of a conventional safe, risking dings and scratches. A vault room using a Browning Vault Door also adds greater versatility allowing safe and secure storage of expensive gear, documents, heirlooms and more.

Work with your contractor:
Or if you are handy, plan it out yourself to design a room that is fully secure top, sides and bottom. This usually involves concrete walls or concrete filled blocks for walls, a secure reinforced ceiling (suspended concrete is ideal), some attention to fire resistance in the walls and ceiling and a sized door location that will fit a Browning Vault Door and the appropriate anchor fasteners.

Send the right message:
When all is said and done, for an extensive collection of guns, art or large valuables, a walk-in vault is the ultimate in convenience. To finish off these built-in security areas, Browning clearly offers the finest Vault Door. Vault Doors add strength and a “don’t tread on me” safe-like appearance to your home.

Installation details:
Designed to fit a variety of wall types and installation requirements. The minimum rough door opening for the Standard Universal Vault Door is 83″ x 36″. The External L-frame with 1⁄2″ diameter steel J-bolt anchors (included) can be poured in place in new construction or installed in an existing door frame by using expansion anchors or lag bolts (not included). Features a door frame L-flange that will fit any wall with a minimum thickness of 5 1⁄2″. Check with your dealer or Browning for exact details before beginning your project.


Exterior Color Options: 

Hardware/Trim Options: 

Lock Options: Scene Options: 


  1. Standard Vault Door(Out-Swing): 
  2. Clamshell Vault Door(Out-Swing): 
  3. Clamshell Vault Door(In-Swing): 

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Standard, Clamshell Out-Swing, Clamshell In-Swing


Black Cherry, Charcoal Metallic, Crimson Fade Two-Tone, Desert Smoke Two-Tone, Gloss Black, Hunter Green Metallic, Matte Black, Midnight Two-Tone, Sapphire Blue Metallic, Steel Dawn Two-Tone, Titanium Metallic


Black Chrome, Chrome, Gold

Lock Options

S&G Electronic, S&G Mechanical, SecuRam Biometric

Exterior Graphics

Buckmark, Elk Scene, Flare, Flush, Mallards Scene, Mountain Scene, Mule Deer Scene, None, Pointer Scene, Rack, Scroll, Whitetail Scene


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