MOmarsh Field House LP Dog Blind: Optifade


A low profile version of the original The Field House.

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A low profile version of the original The Field House LP is hands down the most comfortable dog blind on the market. The mesh floor easily drains water, while providing your pup with a comfort level not seen before in a dog blind. When deployed the legs elevate the blind 3 inches off the ground giving the floor a cot style setup. This design keeps your dog off the ground and dry. The blind comes equipped with zippers on front and back doors and mesh windows on the side, allowing for use as a temporary crate as well.


  • Mesh bottom for easy draining
  • Zippered doors at each end
  • Mesh window
  • Lightweight 14 lbs.
  • Crate dimensions- 31″ X 24″ X 14.5″ tall
  • Overall height 20″ or 17″

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Weight 15 lbs


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