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Quantum Accurist S3 PT Spinning Reel

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  • Dura-Lok Clutch
  • PT Bearings
  • PT Gear Design
  • Saltguard Protection
  • Foot Forward Design
  • Line Management System 2.0
  • Max Cast 2.0
  • Razor Rotor 2.0 Design
  • Reel Engine Design
  • SCR Alloy
  • Titanium Bail

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Accurist® S3 PT spinning series sets a new market standard with ultra refined design packed with PT technologies. Accurist® S3 features a Dura-Lok™ clutch redesigned for lock-up power, durability and improved cold temperatures performance, Nickle Titanium Bail, and much more.


  • Dura-Lok Clutch: Quantum increased the number of bearing rollers in our anti-reverse clutch bearing to improve lock up and anti-reverse durability and insure it functions properly in cold temperatures.
  • PT Bearings: PT Bearings are built to our exact design standards of performance specifications. We’ve tested hundreds of bearings in our Q Lab  to determine the exact bearing specifications that can stand up to the abuse and stress from the most demanding anglers.
  • PT Gear Design: PT Gears are designed by our proprietary CAD program and manufactured to precise tolerances to yield world class smoothness. Durable high strength materials are used so your reel will handle heavy use for years to come without compromise.
  • Saltguard Protection: Multiple anodize, primer, and finish coatings create a sealed barrier of saltwater protection to ward off the effects of Mother Ocean.
  • Foot Forward Design: The foot on every PT spinning reel is offset in relation to the stem. Why you ask? That slight offset shifts the weight of the reel rearward on the rod helping to balance today’s longer rod lengths adding that extra edge in sensitivity.
  • Line Management System 2.0: A precisely designed geometry of the bail and line roller works in concert with the super smooth oscillation system to create level line lay while minimizing line twist.
  • Max Cast 2.0: Quantum’s proprietary spool lip design maximizes casting distance because of its unique geometry. The line comes off the lip with very little friction and is in tight coils which aids in reducing friction from the rod guides, thus longer, more effortless casts. A braid band also means you can tie braid directly to the spool without slippage.
  • Razor Rotor 2.0 Design: A CAD designed rotor perfectly balances the rotor components and minimizes weight so there is no wobble or vibration on retrieve. A skeletal design minimizes weight while maximizing strength.
  • Reel Engine Design: Reel Engine technology is based on an aluminum uni-body that is precision machined to provide a more solid foundation for gears and drive shaft in a single rear-accessible compartment. All critical machining is performed while the body is held in a single set-up fixture which results in a more precision machined part that aligns gears, bearings, and shafts perfectly. This results in silky smooth, super free cranking due to the more consistent and tighter tolerances.
  • SCR Alloy: Most standard aluminum alloys contain impurities that create microscopic sites in the material for corrosion to occur. Our SCR alloy eliminates certain impurities from the alloy that prohibits the formation of corrosion.
  • Titanium Bail: A bent bail can cause the trip system to malfunction and ruin your day on the water.  Our patented nickel-titanium “memory metal” will return to its original shape even after the bail is bent or dropped to keep it functioning properly. The bail is also thinner than standard bails to reduce weight and produce a more balanced feel when cranking.

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