Fiocchi 12GA 9 pellet 2 3/4″ 250 Round Case


You’re a reasonable homeowner. Your house has a door, with a lock, which suggests no one is welcome inside without your permission. Unfortunately, some people fail to understand the concepts of “private property” and “do no evil.” Thus the reasonable homeowner also needs a 12 Gauge shotgun.

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Fiocchi produces their Defense Dynamics ammunition specifically for the homeowner’s shotgun, although needless to say this ammo is also suitable for target shooting and hunting. It’s loaded with nine pellets.

This round’s muzzle velocity isn’t outrageous at 1,250 fps. It will certainly put enough energy behind its barrage of lead shot to ensure that it delivers its message, but it won’t pound you with excessive recoil. Fiocchi’s collapsing wad and even-burning powder also help mitigate recoil, so you’ll have an easier time keeping your bead trained on the threat for faster follow-up shots.

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    Fiocchi Ammunition
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    12 Gauge
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