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Once in a life time - Sunday of Illinois first gun season. 24 points 195 inches
Once in a life time - Sunday of Illinois first gun season. 24 points 195 inches
My Best Ever - My Best Ever 11 Point Mossberg 20ga Slug Rifle Hornady 2 3/4″ Bought From Dunn’s Sporting Goods 65 Yards Facing Me Center Punched In The Chest, Went 20 Yards Piled Up
fly fishing for tarpon in the Keys - an angler trying to stay attached to a 100 lb tarpon he hooked on fly
South MS largemouth - 4.80 pound largemouth caught in Pascaguola river , south Mississippi, two weeks ago .
10 point - Muzzleloader 10point , Arkansas
Almost as big as the mosquitos! - Florida WMA buck. 50-60 yard shot with a 100 Grn. .243. Shoots like a dream.
First Bow Deer - I have been bowhunting in Mai e for 10 years. Between work, family life and ever changing weather it has been hard to connect during bow season. Finally this year I shot a deer with my bow. She is a beautiful Trophy doe weighing 130 lbs dressed. I will never forget that hunt .
11 pt buck - November 16, 2021. Dropped him in his tracks using my .243 from Dunns with a lung shot.
8 pt buck - 8 pt buck from northern MN.
11/16/21 - 10 Point Buck. Belle, Missouri
first Turkey - My oldest grandsons first Turkey !
First turkey - Grandsons first Turkey !
USA BASSIN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP - Julie and I qualified for the third year in a row for the USA BASSIN Team Championship on Lake Chickamuga, May 2022. With a great season we ended up on top of our division in the COED division and in the team division we finished 3rd at the regional tournament at Lake of the Ozarks. […]
Nice Buck Great Hunt - Depending on who you ask, 13-15 point buck. Approximately 250 yards, 7mm mag. While gutting and skinning, my friend found the bullet lodged in the heart; pretty cool.
8pt Buck - October 29, 2017 8pt Buck
Opening day duck hunt - Seeing his first ducks
Opening weekend - Dad and i on opening weekend.
2021 Michigan Bear Archery - I had this boar coming in every sixth day , and he didn’t disappoint! Shot him at eight yards with my bowtech Boss he went fifteen yards and piled up! 340 lb
Deer - 12 Point, Warren county mo
Will Kaempfe 11/13/2021 - Killed in Madison county MO unofficial score 159.
22″ West Virginia Golden Rainbow trout - My new PB. Big male Golden Rainbow trout. Caught with a 9′ 5 wt. stripping a size 6 articulated streamer.
Opening Day Success! - 1st time Father & Son Doubled up on Opening Day.
Old Lab meets nice buck - High wind prevented buck from hearing or smelling Calvin and I on scouting walk Thursday They just looked at each other and went about their business Always and I mean always take your bow with you
7.14 Mid-Missouri Largemouth! - Nice spring hog!
Buck of Lifetime for me! 15 points 180 3/8 - Shot him on November 13 at 7:45 am. I have been watching him for at least two years on camera and could never catch up to him. But that morning he slipped up and I gave him a dirt nap. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to take a once in a lifetime […]
War Paint - long day in the blind, shows on her face.
First Deer - This is my daughter’s first deer. It was a 90 yard heart shot and the first thing she said was, “Can we have back straps tonight?”
Girlfriend’s new crossbow - My girlfriend with the deer she shot with her new Barnett Game Crusher crossbow from Dunn’s.
White River Brown Trout - 22 in. Brown trout from the White River
First doe ever! - My girlfriend just started hunting this year for the first time. Our first sit together, me being in my climber and her in the ground blind she drops her first deer ever at 27 yards and now she is addicted! Every time we drive down the road she’s point out deer and possible hunting spots […]
Littlest one in the bunch. - Not much of a trophy hunter. But this was the smallest one I could find that morning. Offhand shot at 184yds with my 16″ AR, and my handloaded 55gr soft points. Insrant drop, never kicked once.
Hoggin - Tasty Red Monster
Bad Luck Jim’s first deer - November 2, 2021 Western Ste. Gen county
‘Kota’ & upland birds - Best day of upland bird hunting in Montana. 3 pheasants, 4 shells!
Upland birds - Somewhere along the Montana / N Dakota line, great day w/ ‘Tana’. Shed antler, Hun, 3 pheasants.
Early season sunrise 2019 - I took this with my cell phone.
First deer - Mason had a great youth season harvesting his first deer!
Mason’s first deer - Mason Hurst harvested his first deer this year during youth firearms season.
Louisiana - Hunting with friends
Minnesota Whopper - This 20.1lb, 42″ Northern pike, drug our canoe around the boarder waters for about 25 minutes before we could get it landed. I caught it in about 6 inches of water and didn’t really know it was that big until we got it about 15 feet from the boat and finally realized that it was […]
13 year old Olivia madden - Youth season 2021
November buck - November buck
First Brown Trout - First time evert to fish the White River in Arkansas, and now I can’t wait to go back.
My 8 year old with his first buck - Heaven can’t be this good !!
My first deer ever - My first deer. Thanks for the help with my bow and setting me up with what I’d need. I’m hooked now.
His first deer - My son got his first deer this year at age 7! Rifle, ammo, tripod and blind were all purchased from Dunn’s!
Four State Chasing Thunder Tour - South Texas Bush Day And Half 3 Guy’s 8 Birds Only County In The Country You Can Tag 4 Birds In One Day I Tagged Out Second Day 4 Birds
Four State Chasing Thunder Tour - 4 States 30 Days 8 Birds Texas To Start Then Bama Then Kansas Then Back To Missouri
10 Point Buck - Bow hunting
9yr old catches a football - Caught on 11/1 in Desoto MO on a Whopper Plopper purchased from Dunn’s!
Nicole’s 1st Buck! - My daughter Nicole harvested her first buck on our ground in 2019
New PB on flathead! - This big boy just could not say no to a live carp! 43 LBS !
New PB - Caught on a-rig with tackle Hd swim baits purchased in the store!
2021 11’1″ Florida Gator - While in Florida, I was able to check off a bucket list item and kill a monster gator. He measured 11 foot 1 inch long and was estimated at around 350 pounds. It was a once in a lifetime experience!
Early morning rooster - This is this morning at sunrise. How can you be in a bad mood or negative when Mother Nature gives us this artwork.
Trophy Blue Cat - Caught this on rod an reel. 36lbs 11ozs.
God blessed me with him Oct 22 2021 - The Lord blessed me with this beautiful buck. He came in at 20 yards gave me a perfect quartering away shot and was down within 50 yards.
MO youth opening day success - 12 year old Evan & 9 year old Alivia opening day success.
Crappie Fishing - A fun day crappie fishing at Rend Lake!
6lb bass - 12 year old set his new PR with 6lb bass on whopper popper bought from Dunn’s
My biggest buck to date. 176 5/8. All thanks to my new bow from dunns sporting goods. - 176 5/8 buck, killed with my brand new ten point crossbow from dunns sporting goods.
My biggest buck to date. - Got this on October 17, 2019. The eve of my 30th birthday. So it definitely made turning 30 easier.
1st Bow Buck Kai Morris - 35 yard shot with the centerpoint mercenary purchased at Dunn’s
Fall Bowfin - This was caught about 3 miles away from Dunn’s. Really surprised to catch bowfin in this area but they are making their way up here.
Youth duck season - Youth duck season 2022
Lite tackle - My wife caught this carp on 4# line on a St. Croix UL rod. Took 45 minutes to land
2018 Wyoming Elk - 2018 Wyoming Rocky Mountain Elk taken with Ammo bought at Dunn’s. 367 yards. Was borrowing a friend’s gun and but after this I bought my own Browning.300 WSM X Bolt from Nathan.
Ponme de terre lake sw Missouri - Nightly bank fishing
Nice mature Southern Illinois Buck - 10 point buck taken Oct 16th 2021 gross scored 170.
First buck - Nice 8 pointer
Whatever it takes - Crappie fishing
7.2 Lb Largemouth, rocking the Dunn’s T-shirt! - Largest bass caught this Summer. Only fitting to catch it while repping my favorite sporting goods store. Caught on finesse football-head jig with spicy beaver trailer.
Snook Naples Florida - Caught this Snook fishing with my two boys this summer during a long over due vacation.
Drews First Turkey - Drews first turkey kill spring 2021
Lake Fork 12.26 beauty - Caught with my brother Doug.
Texas Share a Lunker - 13.86 Largemouth, personal best Lake Fork! Sorry didn’t have cell phones in 1985
First deer ! - Kai Morris first deer ! Great memory
First deer ! - Kree Morris first deer ! Great memory
Largemouth Bass 7.1/2lbs - Caught in Sparta,Ill with my friend Steve Weber
Largemouth Bass 7.1/2lbs - Caught in Sparta,Ill with my friend Steve Weber
Largemouth Bass 7.1/2lbs - Caught in Sparta,Ill with my friend Steve Weber
Lucky Colorado Moose Hunters - It took 23 years to draw a Colorado bull moose tag. Once you get one, you need to work hard and get lucky in order to harvest a “bucket list” bull!
6 lb largemouth - Caught in ironton
Her first deer - 2019 first deer. Sarah Jameson.
9+ largemouth. - Caught her on the Niangua river on jig and craw!
Trophy Largie on the Black River - Caught on a cloudy morning with a brand-new Whopper Plopper. Fought this sucker in a kayak, he just about dragged me downriver!
Fun fishing - Fishing near Chester Illinois.
Best blue catfish of 2021 (so far) - Caught on the Mississippi River in Herculaneum, MO in May 2021. I was by myself but was lucky enough to have a gentleman in a jeep stop to watch when I hooked it and snapped this pic for me. I had an old scale (with an analog, needle read) and it broke the scale at […]
Biggest bow kill to date and getting to share the moment with my kids makes it that much sweeter. - Perfect evening in southeast Mo, He read the script perfect and gave a quartering to shot at 18 yards and the V3 and Rage did the rest. The best part is getting to pass the outdoors on to my kids, they were more than stoked about getting to take pictures with the deer.
Gunner Haverstick – first deer at 9 yrs old - This September morning Gunner harvested his first deer with his Uncle Tommy Poncet. Using a cross bow and tripod setup bought at Dunn’s in Pevely. The tripod worked out great and was a huge success!! Gunner & his family are super proud!
Maine Black Bear 2021 - First hunt of the fall season with my hunting buddies!
Me & my boy! - My son and I retrieving a couple mallards at horseshoe lake on his 1st duck hunt.
My Son’s First Catfish - This was an 8 lbs blue cat that we caught in the Mississippi using cut skipjack that I purchased from Dunn’s.
Herrin City Park Pond! - Caught this out of Herrin City Park Pond! Was using Zoom junebug ribbon tail worms I got from Dunn’s in Marion.
2020 Illinois shotgun - 3 generations of deer hunters.
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