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2020 Illinois shotgun - 3 generations of deer hunters.
Little brother has the little fish - Snapper trip with my brother out of Freeport, TX. Both PB fish for us.
Sons decent one - This was at cedar lake.. he is 6 years old so he was mighty proud of it.
Big bass - Put up a big fight off hwy y
Teach them young - My 8 year olds first hog with his .243 savage. Bought from Dunn’s!
Waterfowl season sunrise - Took this photo of breathtaking sunrise while duck hunting
Opening morning Bluewing Teal Iowa - Opening season 2021 first two of the morning teal hunting in Iowa
Quick trip to South Carolina - Took a quick trip to South Carolina and did a partial day of fishing. Was winding in dinner when this guy grabbed hold and then the fight really began. Was told this was definitely a full grown cuda.
Eyes to the Sky - Maggie May late season duck hunt.
Teach them young… - Taking my little nephew out for his first fishing trip in the boat. A fond memory of mine was my uncle taking me when I was young and glad to be able to do the same for my nephew. Fish caught and memories made!
Both Boys - Son’s first hunt by himself. First coyote at 240 yards. Just enjoying the view.
9 Pointer - It was 18 Degrees that morning Text Book kill Here comes a Doe He was about 20 yards behind her.
Florida Fun - 29” 30lb redfish went down to Florida and by the piling of a bridge coughs this monster.
Great day with the boys - I love hunting, and even more when my boys are with me, and even more when we are successful!
Grandson hooked on bass fishing - Bring a kid fishing, memories for life!
Spike Selfie - This little fella made a habit of peering into trail camera.
Dean Enloe crappie slam - My son Dean Enloe slayed the crappie at a private pond.
Deer Season Mo - Biggest buck to date public land Dent Co Mo
Dove opener - Dove season Ohio public land with my kids and father in law.
Last duck season - Great hunting partner for 12 years.
Mississippi slabs! - Always a good time down south!
Zachs deer - My sons 10 pt buck.
Asian carp - Bow fishing one less in the world!!!!
First hunt - My youngest sons first hunting trip
Graduation buck - Right in the midst of my son being born and graduating the law enforcement academy, I took this buck with the only day I had available to hunt.
Turkey Hunt 2021 - I had an awesome Turkey season this past spring. Three nice gobblers all taken with wingbone calls that I make.
Little man fishing - Starting them young
Catching all the fish! - Jake catching all the fish while wearing his PawPaw’s hat (I think PawPaw was sending him a little luck)!
Bobby hangin’ out with the boys - Kansas opener 2020, kids staged this photo with a couple birds they bagged, during a lunch break between fields. I caught it on my camera role a couple days later.
Catching all - Jake catching some fish wearing his PawPaw’s hat that I’m sure brought a little luck!
Fishing at the farm! - He loves his Dunn’s tee & fishing!
Bobby hangin’ out with the boys - Kansas opener 2020, kids staged this photo with a couple birds they bagged, during a lunch break between fields. I caught it on my camera role a couple days later.
Big fish - Big fish
Early season sunrise 2019 - This is a screenshot from my camera roll that is in my favorites folder and I can’t figure out how to upload it. It was taken in a local field here in Greenville,SC on Sep 20, 2019. Taken with my phone a Galaxy Note 10+
The GILLS are bitting - The gills were bitting last week!
8 pointer - 8 pointer I got a few yrs ago
Bigmouth day - Slaying bigmouth bass with lucky Huk gear from Dunn’s!
First pintail - Just a boy and his dog with pinfeathers
Salmon - Salmon Fishing Lake Michigan
First hunt together - Me and my Sons first deer together.
Little Grassy Bass - Caught at Little Grassy on a Buckeye Jig
Bill’s 1st fish - My son Bill catching his first fish. My daughter Alice happy for her brother and excited about the fish she caught earlier.
1/4 acre pond - Son’s biggest bass to date
Giant river bass - Caught about a mile away from Dunn’s in Joachim creek
Largemouth Bass - 5.46 pounds caught on a bladed jig. Definitely was a fun catch! She was released safely to be caught again another day.
Big Blue - PB Blue Catfish. Caught on Asian carp cut bait out of the Kaskaskia River. Our scale only went to 50lbs. Which wasn’t enough. Length was 50in and rough girth measurement was between 36-38 inches. Our estimate is somewhere between 70-80lbs. Definitely a fish of a lifetime.
10 point buck - November 2020, 10 point buck. Took 5 minutes in a stand and shot with a cross bow. Found him 800 yards.
Catch of the Day - Addy’s catch of the day at Dutchman Lake!!! You may have to zoom in but it’s on the hook!!!
Nice 6 1/2 pounder caught on a popper - Caught on a white popper
Smallest bass competition - Caught on a white Mepps spinner, just off a rock bluff on the main channel at Lake of the Ozarks.
Fishy Fishy - 7lb 1oz large mouth in Perryville Mo caught with my Lews Smash combo bought at Dunn’s
2020 bow buck - Probably my best now buck to date!
Minnesota Fishing Trip - Largemouth bass 5lbs
Rainbow trout - Lake Taneykomo
First fish - Lifetime fishing partner
Drakes and his bass - Drakes out fished me for the day.
Ribeye of the Sky - First Sandhill crane and after cooking it up it will not be the last!!
Duck Daze - Couple shy of a 3 man limit
Throwback - One of my first bucks that got me hooked into the sport!
Ma and Pa - Mom and Dad fishing for crappie on Lake Itokpoga Florida.
Last day Dandy! - Last day of rifle season buck! What a hunt!
Jason smith fishing with Dennis Dunn - This picture was taken 20 years ago Jason Meet Dennis &Liz at a concert in Paducah Kentucky
Fishing with Grandpa - Fishing at Montauk with grandpa
Maynard boys - Bill and Troy Maynard Summer 2021
Our Son’s Trout caught at Montauk State Park - Our son Joseph is 11 years old. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2016. He LOVES to fish! We were at Montauk for a camping trip in mid-July, and he had not caught anything prior to this photo. He caught two nice rainbow trout, all by himself (I helped him with the net […]
Trout fishing - White river fishibg
Deer season 2020 - Boys and I did pretty good.
My son Ayden’s first turkey. - 11 inch beard,1 1/4 inch spurs, and 25 lbs.
Bands - Couple of snow chickens with jewelry
Chocolate with mallards - Best buddy and I had a great morning
Giant Trevallys in the Indian Ocean - Deployed for 2 years to Diego Garcia, world record fishing here! 40lb giant trevally on a popper! Biggest one so far, have a 35 and numerous 20-30 lb GT’s. From Vienna and about to retire in a couple years from 20 yrs service in the worlds most powerful Navy!
“Locked Up With Feet Down” - 7 day hunt in Manitoba Canada 2020. Thank you to Dunn’s Sporting Goods for always having what I need in order to proceed in this addictive hobby.
Crappie slabs at Sardis, MS - Mid summer trip to Sardis Lake. Long lining crankbaits. Bandits from Dunn’s did a nice job on these fish!
Truman lake - Crappie me and my son caught.
I’m fishing with my buddy - Some Sunday fishing before we head to soccer practice.
Small SEMO farm pond - A good friend’s son shot a surf scoter along with some gadwalls on a small farm pond in Puxico, Mo. great Thanksgiving morning treat!
Late bloomer - My wife waited until she was 68 before deciding she wanted to hunt. This is the first deer she had ever seen while hunting. Beginners luck? Maybe, but her shot was perfect. Shot with a crossbow at 30 paces
Caught on a crankbait - I caught this guy on a squarebill crankbait!
Son at West City Park - His first Albino catfish
Shark Fishing - Shark fishing at Hilton Head Island, SC
Little one on a chatter bait - Private lake On easter 2021 Caught a 5.7 re casted in and caught this 6.8 very next cast 3/8 chart & white with a 3.8 white paddle tail
7-4 out of Clearwater lake. - Caught on Carolina rig with a super speed craw.
Devastation Hunts - Devastation Hunts does a lot of business with Dunn’s they always treat us right an makes our waterfowl season successful! The picture posted from left to right is our outfitter owner james gresham, Hunter Hancock an then myself
Catch of the day at the Lake - At the lake with my child
Bass - Big bass
Public land - Took this neat buck on public ground up at mark twain lake. 1st wall hanger for me!
5.3 lb - 11 year old PB bass. 5.3 lb caught on a powerbait 10 inch worm
65 lb best for my son - Its a day he will never forget, reeling a 65 lb bluecat which will be a tough one to break, but remembered after it gets broken! Fish released so someone else has a chance to enjoy the fight and joy of a trophy fish.
Family Matters - Day on the lake with my brother and son turned out to be more than we could have asked for.
Family Farm - All harvested on opening day of rifle season 2019!
First Deer - Got a late start on deer Hunting but made up for it on this deer
Great morning in Kansas - Spring turkey hunt in Kansas.
Getting skunked by Grandson - My brother, grandson and me go fishing together all the time but this particular day my grandson caught all the fish !!!
2021 TN Turkey season - 3 hunts 3 awesome Turkeys!!! Probably never happen again!!! Wingbone got it done!!!
Lake Trout - Went on a fishing trip to Wisconsin with family and close friends.
First turkey - Young hunter’s first gobbler
Foggy morning grand slam of teal - January morning on the river, two man limit.
First buck..8 years old - My grandsons first deer ever, shot with a Tikka 7mm08. I had the honor to be in the stand with him.
It’s what I do… - Sweet southern Illinois summer bass.
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