GHG Blue Winged Teal 6-Pack Hunter Series

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Avery® GHG Hunter Series Decoys bring waterfowl in from afar thanks to their bright, vivid color scheme and lifelike size. Durable Decoys are built tough and feature ultra-realistic feather details and a true-to-life posture that ducks cant resist. Plus, their advanced 60/40 Dura-Keel ensures a smooth ride in even choppy water. Includes 4 drakes and 2 hens.

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  • Lifelike size for easy visibility
  • True-to-life posture for a realistic look
  • Ultra-realistic feather details
  • Vivid color scheme
  • 60/40 Dura-Keel for a perfect ride in any condition
  • Includes 4 drakes and 2 hens


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