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Norma 5.56×45 Nato Range & Training 250rd Ammo Can


Norma is military grade ammunition at an affordable price.  In close cooperation with RUAG’s Defence and Law enforcement division, Norma produced a quality round that exceeds military standards. Smooth chambering and consistent accuracy makes the Tactical round a perfect choice for your everyday precision shooting at the range.

Norma Brass has become the household name among reloaders all over the world. A perfect blend of high quality copper and zinc, together with a long heritage of in-house developed manufacturing techniques, NORMA brass offers reloadability and consistency far beyond any competitors on the market.

  • Accurate and consistent performance
  • Smooth chambering and low recoil
  • non-corrosive
  • Tested by specialists

This Norma 5.56 Nato 55gr FMJ ammo is bulk packed in a Plano ammo can.  250rds loose.

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