Rossi Rio Bravo 22LR 18″ BBL


You can almost smell the prairie and see the tumble weeds when you pick up the Rio Bravo Lever Action Rifle. With the look and feel of the guns of the old west the Rossi Rio Bravo is a tack-driving lever action rifle. Chambered in the easy shooting and popular .22 Long Rifle you can plink all day. This lever action plinker is sure to please shooters both young and old. Traditionalist will appreciate the attractive German Beechwood stock and smooth forend. The buckhorn rear sight and bead front sight gets you on target quickly. Once the bead settles in the bottom notch of the rear sight you can shoot accurately as fast as you can work the lever action. For fast paced plinking action and fun it’s hard to beat the Rossi Rio Bravo Lever Action Rifle.

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  • Rossi RL22181WD
  • Lever Action Rifle
  • .22 Long Rifle (.22 LR)
  • 18″ Barrel
  • 15 Rounds
  • Tubular Magazine
  • Buckhorn Rear Sight, Bead and Post Front Sight
  • Cross Bolt Safety
  • German Beechwood Stock
  • Overall Weight 88 oz
  • Overall Length 36″
  • Polished Black Finish on Barrel and Receiver


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