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The SRI Pathfinder Light is an excellent product when hands-free, close quarter, and wide range lighting is needed. With built-in magnets, an option for a neck lanyard, and a military grade aluminum clip, the SRI Pathfinder can be used for a variety of applications. We designed the Pathfinder for those situations where you might not want to strap on a headlamp or tie up a hand with a flashlight, the pathfinder light will allow you to have hands-free lighting with the flip of a switch.

The name “Pathfinder” describes the light output to perfection; wide range, close quarter lighting for front and peripheral lighting. Another unique feature we incorporated into the Pathfinder is a USB charge port, allowing you to charge your phones and mobile devices when power is not available. The SRI Pathfinder is the perfect light to put in your center counsel, blind bag, bag/purse, or bedside drawer allowing you to always be prepared to put LIGHT WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST.


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