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J2 Outdoors Ice Ripper 1hp 120 volt with 100 foot Cord

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The Ice Ripper Is A Priceless Tool When Your Favorite Hole Is Covered In 1″-8″ Ice!! Don’t Let Mother Nature Put A Halt To Your Season Anymore!

1 Horse Power 120 volt Motor
100 foot cord
1500 watts needed to run each Ice Ripper
minimum 2000 watt generator is required
Standard 3 prong 120v plug
Durable Aluminum Propeller
Fully Adjustable Powder Coated Frame
3 Built In Handles For Easier Carrying
Removal Of The Logo Plate Allows For Easier Access To The Prop If a Broken Prop Should Occur
limited lifetime warranty on the Cage, prop and Stand, 2 year warranty on the motor.
Lifetime warranty on the prop. Send the main portion back and we will replace it at no cost. Just pay the shipping cost.
Effective Working Depth From 1′ to 8′ deep while on the stand (Ice Ripper Can Be Hung From Docks or Poles With the Provided Eye bolts
Normal Conditions Will Yield A 20 x 35 yard Hole (please allow ample run time to acquire desired results)


Do Not run the unit out of the water.
Always use a GFCI to protect from electrical shock.
Keep all children and animals away from this product at all times.
Stay out of the water while unit is running.
Give the unit time to completely shut off before attempting to collect unit from water.
J2 Outdoors is not responsible for any damages caused by improper assembly or usage.
This unit shall not be used if there is any damage to the cord or motor as electrical shock can be a huge Hazard. Please use this product responsibly.
Ice Ripper is not responsible for any damage or accidents this product may cause. Use with caution at all times.
Keep all loose clothing,items, and hands away from the propeller at all times.


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